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Published by the Food Distribution Research Society, Inc since 1969.

Editors: Carlos Trejo-Pech (University of Tennessee at Knoxville), Benjamin Campbell (University of Georgia), and Richard J. Volpe (California Polytechnic State University)

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Volume 55 Issue 1
March 2024
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Goat Meat Consumption in Oklahoma: A Quantitative Assessment of Potential Consumer Demand
Nirodha De Silva, Wesley Whittaker, and Benaissa Chidmi

Measuring Brand Equity on The Case of Starbucks
Chinonso Etumnu and Richard J. Volpe

Willingness to Pay for Alternate Merchandising Strategy of Beef Top Round
Jada Thompson, Michelle Kibler, Bhishma Dahal, Brooke Epperson, Kendelle Puga, Jessie Van Buren, Phil Bass, Kasee Smith, and Michael Colle

China’s Emerging Market for Maple Syrup: Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Exports
Qingbin Wang, Mark Cannella, and Yang Zou

Factors Impacting Growers’ Adoption of Genetically Modified and Gene Edited Crops
Chengyan Yue, Yang Wang, Marie Abbey, Yufeng Lai, Corissa Marson, Alan G. Smith, and Carrie Stowers

A Profile of Tennessee Farmstead Milk Consumers
Caitlin Zaring, Kimberly Jensen, Alicia Rihn, Mark Morgan, and Elizabeth Eckelkamp


Volume 54 Issue 3
November 2023
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Online Grocery Shopping Practices and Intentions Shaped by Pandemic-Era Experiences
Courtney Bir, Jinho Jung, Jingjing Tao, and Nicole Olynk Widmar

A Comparison of Demand System Models Peculiar to a Granular Array of Dairy Products
Oral Capps and Long Gao

In-field Food Waste in California Strawberry Production: An Analysis of Harvester Extraction Rates
Timothy Delbridge and Sarah Zukoff

Marketing Strategy Selection for Small-Scale Fruit and Vegetable Growers: Lessons from the Mid-Southern United States
Grace Mahamba, Jada Thompson, Michael Popp, Trey Malone, and Jennie Popp

Consumer Perceptions of Craft Breweries in the American South
Jairus Rossi, Michael Vassalos, Claudia Schmidt, David Lamie, and Anne Wade

A Profile of Tennessee Farmstead Milk Consumers
Caitlin Zaring, Kimberly Jensen, Alicia Rihn, Mark Morgan, and Elizabeth Eckelkamp


Volume 54 Issue 2
July 2023
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Understanding the Household’s Food Insecurity and Poverty Status in Gert Sibande District of Mpumalanga Province of South Africa
Peter Temitope Agboola, Danhong Chen, Shyam S. Nai, and Lawrence Art Wolfskill

A Comparative Analysis of Changes in Consumers’ Perceptions and Attitudes toward Local Wines in an Emerging Wine Region
Tullaya Boonsaeng, Olga Murova, and Natalia Velikova

VIDALIA Branding and Co-labeling Strategy: A Cluster Analysis of Sweet Onion Buyers and Potential Buyers
Anwesha Chakrabarti, Vanessa Shonkwiler, and Julie Campbell

Resilience and Recovery: Understanding the Underlying Drivers of Long-term Instability in Food Supply Chains
Saba Rudsari, Donovan Fuqua, Victor Pimentel, and Barry Brewer

COVID-19 and Beef Consumption in Mexico
Manuel Garcia, Tullaya Boonsaeng, Carlos Carpio, Rafael Casillas-Peñuelas, and Marcos Sanchez-Plata

Savor the Flavor: Consumer Preferences and Variety Seeking Associated with Spicy Foods
Chadelle Robinson, Gracie D. Hooten, Katie Adams, and Nancy Flores


Volume 54 Issue 1
March 2023
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Research Reports

Growing a New Cut Flower Industry: Market Needs and Preferences
Kynda R. Curtis and Melanie Stock

Innovation among Businesses Across the Agri-food Supply Chain during COVID-19
Gigi DiGiacomo, Lauri Baker, Cheng-Xian Yang, and Hikaru Peterson

Do Consumer Beliefs Impact Their Preferences for Organic Specialty Baked Goods?
Tatiana Drugova and Kynda R. Curtis

Factors Affecting Sales of Selected Agricultural Products in Network Marketing?
Sayed Saghaian, Hosein Mohammadi, and Mohammad Sadegh Jafari

Are State Branded Products Local? A Case in Missouri
Lan Tran and Ye Su

Research Updates

Developing a Consumer Profile for Value-added Products in North Carolina
Samaya Brooks, Kenrett Jefferson-Moore, Obed Quaicoe, Jarvetta Bynum, and John Paul Owens

Engaging School Food Authorities in Local Procurement Economic Impact Study
Whitney R. McKinzie, Maria Bampasidou, Crystal Besse, J. Matthew Fannin, and Carl E. Motsenbocker

Qualitative Analysis of Specialized Supply Chain Relationships in Wagyu-influenced Beef
Grace Baxter and Kellie Curry Raper

The Economic Viability of Tomato Production Using Single- versus Double-Layer High Tunnels
Patricia Morris, Sanjun Gu, and Kenrett Jefferson-Moore

Volume 53 Issue 3
November 2022
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Price Transmission and Asymmetry in the Colorado Potato Supply Chain
Erin Love and Dawn Thilmany

Regional Patterns of Outsourcing in Higher Education Foodservice: Implications for Conscious Consumption
Thomas L. Henshaw and Robert Reynolds

Wine and Wildlife: An Exploratory Study of the Depiction of Animals on Wine Labels Available in the United States
Matthew D. Johnson, Allison E. Huysman, Dane A. St. George, Deven Kammerichs-Berke, Jaime E. Carlino, and Brooks R. Estes

CBD and THC: Who Buys It, and Why? 
Aaron J. Staples, Trey Malone, and Brandon R. McFadden

Volume 53 Issue 2
July 2022
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Factors Affecting Consumer Purchasing Decisions and Willingness to Pay for Oysters in South Carolina
Steven Richards, Michael Vassalos, and Marzieh Motallebi 

Consumer Attitudes and Consumption Patterns for Pecans and Other Tree Nuts: Beyond a Simple Shell Game
Oral Capps, Jr., H.L. Goodwin, Jr., and Loren N. Burns 

The Changing Role of Fat Perceptions in Fluid Milk Labeling: Would the Dairy Industry Sell More if 2% Milk Was Called “98% Fat Free”?
Oishi Kazi, Steven R. Miller, Trey Malone, and Christopher A. Wolf

Consumer Preferences for “Made with Tennessee Milk” Processed Dairy Products
Kimberly L. Jensen, Karen D. DeLong, Sreedhar Upendram, Elizbeth Eckelkamp, and Jacqueline N. Yenerall

Perceptions of Instituting Nut Bans for Allergy Avoidance
Mason Goolsby, Benjamin Campbell, Julie Campbell, Vanessa Shonkwiler, and Adam Rabinowitz

Volume 53 Issue 1
March 2022
Proceedings Issue
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Research Updates

COVID-19 and Marketing Challenges for Food Producers in Louisiana
Maria Bampasidou, Johannah Frelier, Marcus A. Coleman, and Carl E. Motsenbocker

Arkansas Food Pantries and Perceived Barriers to Client-Choice Conversion
Kathryn A. Carroll, Rachel Schichtl, and Lauren Allbritton

Optimizing the Use of American Rescue Funds in Pork and Beef
Keri L. Jacobs and Dermot J. Hayes

“Growing” Sustainable Horticulture Farmers
Marcus A. Coleman, Maria Bampasidou, and Carl E. Motsenbocker

Cell Phone Readable Dendritic Identifiers: Applications for Secure Track and Trace in the Food Supply Chain
Michael Kozicki, Mark Manfredo, Abolfazl Razi, and Yago Gonzales Velo

Research Reports

Firm Resiliency Post Economic Shock: A Case Study of Rural Wineries During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Kynda R. Curtis and Susan L. Slocum

What They Know and Why They Do It: Preliminary Findings of Farmer Focus Group Discussion on Value-Added Agriculture in North Carolina
Obed Quaicoe, Roger Vorsah, Kenrett Jefferson-Moore, Jarvetta Bynum, and John Owens

U.S. Farmers Markets—Essential Business Survival in Disrupting Times
Jairus Rossi, Mahla Zare, and Tim Woods

A Gravity Model of Central American Organic Coffee Trade with the United States
Lauren Benavidez and Tian Xia

Impact of Remittance on Household Welfare: Evidence from the Western Region of Nepal
Laxmi D. Adhikari and Sayed Saghaian

Students’ Perceptions of Weight and Health Status and Factors Influencing Their Body Mass Indices
Patricia E. McLean-Meyinsse and Melissa Johnson

Volume 52 Issue 3
November 2021
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Regular Manuscripts

Characterizing Crop Diversification in the U.S. Specialty Crop Industry 
Ariana P. Torres, Sanchez Philocles, Orlando F. Rodriguez, and Enrique J. Velasco 

Seafood Consumption Preferences and Attributes Influencing Awareness of South Carolina Aquaculture Products
David Samuel Cheplick, Marzieh Motallebi, Steven Richards, Lori Dickes, Graham Gaines, and Keith Walters 

How Much More to Pay? A Study of Retail Prices of Organic Versus Conventional Vegetarian Foods in an Australian Regional Area
Megan F. Lee, Tania von der Heidt, Joanne F. Bradbury, and Sandra Grace

Financial Sustainability of Nonprofit Organizations Covering Multiple Goals of the Food Justice Mission: The Case of New Roots, Inc.
Margarita Velandia, Carlos Trejo-Pech, Karyn Moskowitz, Keiko Tanaka, Heather Hyden, Karen Rignall, and Alessandra Del Brocco 

Volume 52 Issue 2
July 2021
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Regular Manuscripts

Factors Influencing Tennessee Adults’ Craft Hard Apple Cidery Visit Expenditures and Travel Distance
Kimberly L. Jensen, David L. Hughes, Karen L. DeLong, Carlos O. Trejo-Pech, and Mackenzie B. Gill

Supermarket Pricing and Promotional Behavior: Evidence from the San Luis Obispo Market
Richard J. Volpe, III, Nicole Tedjasaputra, Olivia Jackson, and Ryan Provost

Invited Articles

COVID-19 Trade Actions in the Agricultural and Food Sector
Soojung Ahn and Sandro Steinbach

Low-Income Household Food Consumption Consequences of Rice Policy and Pandemic Impacts on Income and Price in Thailand
Hoa T.K. Hoang, Wyatt Thompson, and Sanguk Kwon

Potential Impacts of Hard Infrastructure Development on Food and Agricultural Trade in North and Latin America
Aaisha Al-Maamari and Amanda M. Countryman

Volume 52 Issue 1
March 2021 (Proceedings Issue)
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Research Updates

Local Food Marketing As a Growth Opportunity for Small Food Producers in Tennessee
Blessing C. Ajumobi, Enefiok Ekanem, and Mary Mafuyai

Consumer Preferences for Direct-to-Consumer Value-Added Agriculture in North Carolina: Preliminary Findings of Consumer Focus Groups
Mecca Straughter, Kenrett Jefferson-Moore, Obed Quaicoe, Jarvetta Bynum, and John Owens

Factors Influencing Fruit and Vegetable Farmers’ Willingness to Participate in Market Outlets with a Food Justice Mission: The Case of Fresh Stop Markets
Margarita Velandia, Xuqi Chen, Jaqueline Yenerall, Susan Schexnayder, Carlos Trejo-Pech, Keiko Tanaka, Heather Hyden, and Karen Rignall

Research Reports

Economic Contributions of the Local Food Systems in Tennessee
Oluwatooni Ajayi, Ekanem Enefiok, and Mary Mafuyai

Outreach Efforts at Standardizing Farm to Institution Reporting Metrics
Lilian Brislen and Jeffrey K. O’Hara

Profitability and Financial Efficiency of Indigenous Chicken Egg Producers in Kenya
James O. Bukenya and Sylvester S. Ndzovu

The Economic Impacts of Drought on Navajo Nation
Tatiana Drugova, Kynda Curtis, and Man-Keun Kim

Understanding Profitability of Georgia Blueberry Growers Adopting a Stochastic Approach
Saurav Raj Kunwar, Esendugue Greg Fonsah, and Octavio Ramirez

The Consumer Choice of Market for Fresh Fruits: A Study of Attitudinal Factors and Market Attributes
Juliano M.R. Marques, Ariana P. Torres, Bridget K. Behe, Petrus Langenhoven, and Luiz Henrique de Barros Vilas Boas

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among a Selected Group of Undergraduate and Graduate Students
Patricia E. McLean-Meyinsse

A Survey of Shopping Changes Under COVID-19
Kristen S. Park, Adam Brumberg, and Koichi Yonezawa

U.S. Consumers’ Intake of Food at Home (FAH) and Food Away from Home (FAFH) As a Complex Economic System
Faith Parum and Senarath Dharmasena

Potential of Grow-out of Softshell Blue Crabs in Ponds Stocked with Juvenile Crabs
Benedict C. Posadas

The Adoption of Drying Value-Added Technologies in the Specialty Crop Industry
Ariana P. Torres, Orlando Rodriguez, and Klein E. Ileleji

Outreach Writing

Colorado Producers During COVID-19: A Closer Look At the Potato Supply Chain
Erin Love, Sarah Ehrlich, and Martha Sullins

Volume 51 Issue 3
November 2020
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Special Issue Articles: Emerging Issues in the U.S. Specialty Crops' Supply Chain

Fresh Produce Donations in California: Opportunities for and Challenges to Increasing Volume and Reducing Food Insecurity
Travis J. Osland and Gregory A. Baker

Understanding Shareholder Satisfaction and Retention in CSA Incentive Programs
Jairus Rossi and Tim Woods

Factors Influencing Consumers' Expected Food Waste
Kara R. Grant, R. Karina Gallardo, and Jill J. McCluskey

Tennessee Fruit and Vegetable Farmer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Plastic Biodegradable Mulch
Margarita Velandia, Kimberly Jensen, Karen L. DeLong, Annette Wszelaki, and Alicia Rihn

Submitted Research Articles

Trouble at Old River: The Impact of a Mississippi River Avulsion on U.S. Soybean Exports
Patrice M. Lazard and P. Lynn Kennedy

Consumer Perceptions of a Lamb Meat Communication Campaign: A Qualitative Study
Pilar Uldemolins, Maria T. Maza, and Sara Aldama

Economic and Sociodemographic Drivers Associated with the Decision to Purchase Food Items and Nonalcoholic Beverages from Vending Machines in the United States
Oral Capps, Jr. and Rejeana Marie Gvillo

Volume 51 Issue 2
July 2020
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Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

Fiscal Impacts and Cross-Border Effects of a Change in State Liquor Policy
Philip Watson, Jason Winfree, and Daniel Toro-González

Tennessee Consumer Willingness to Pay for Disposable Dinnerware Molded from Wheat Straw
MacKenzie Gill, Kimberly L. Jensen, Sreedhar Upendram, Nicole Labbé, Burton C. English, Dayton M. Lambert, Samuel W. Jackson, and R. Jamey Menard

Exploring the Hierarchy of Product Attributes in U.S. Pecan Consumption
Chadelle Robinson

Uncommon Alternative: Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Niche Pork Tenderloin in New England
Jamie Ann Picardy, Sean B. Cash, and Christian Peters

California's Wage Rate Policies and Head Lettuce Prices
Lynn Hamilton, Michael P. McCullough, Gary W. Brester, and Joseph Atwood

Consumer Preferences for Tennessee Milk
Karen L. DeLong, Kimberly L. Jensen, Sreedhar Upendram, and Elizabeth Eckelkamp

The Growing Market for Energy and Sports Drinks in the United States: Can Chocolate Milk Remain A Contender?
Yang Hu, Senarath Dharmasena, Oral Capps Jr., and Ramkumar Janakiraman

Volume 51 Issue I
February 2020
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Research Updates

Consumer Responses to Price Promotion of Organic Products in Virtue and Vice Food Categories
Danhong Chen, Ji Yan, Kun Tian, and Rodolfo M. Nayga

Classifying Primary Agricultural Producers in Local Foods Marketing Channels: Using the Organizational Species Concept to Understand Strategic Profiles
Jason Scott Entsminger

One Box Does Not Check All: Investigating Farmers’ Likelihood to Certify Organic, Drop Out Certification, or Remain Noncertified
Orlando Rodriguez and Ariana Torres

Research Reports

Market Integration in the Staple Food Derivatives Markets in Uganda
James O. Bukenya

Producer Response to Drought Policy in the West
Kynda R. Curtis, Tatiana Drugova, and Ruby A. Ward

An Analysis of Consumer Perceptions of the Importance of Selected Attributes of Fruits and Vegetables: The Case of Tennessee
Enefiok Ekanem, Mary Mafuyai, Fisseha Tegegne, and Prabodh Illukpitya

Coordinating Intermediaries and Scaling Up Local and Regional Food Systems: An Organizational Species Approach to Understanding the Roles of Food Hubs
Jason Scott Entsminger

Economic Analysis of Producing Satsuma Citrus in Georgia Using an Enterprise Budget
Esendugue Greg Fonsah, Jake Price, and Ben Cantrell

The Role of Healthy Diet Belief in Mediating the Organic Label Effect on Increased Food Consumption
Kayla Gaylord, Danhong Chen, Shyam S. Nair, and Mark J. Anderson

Factors Affecting Goat Meat Demand and Willingness to Pay a Premium Price for Domestic Produced Goat Meat in the Southern United States
Mohammed Ibrahim, Nalini Pattanaik, Benjamin Onyango, Elizabeth Walker, Melissa Bledsoe, and Christine Sudbrock

Measuring Undergraduate Students’ Knowledge of Selected Nutrients
Patricia E. McLean-Meyinsse

For Young Americans, Sustainable Is Not Organic
Ariana P. Torres

Price Discovery and Integration of the Peanut Markets in the United States
Hannah Hawkins and Senarath Dharmasena


Volume 50 Issue 2
November 2019
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Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

Economic Impact of Values-Based Supply Chain Participation on Small and Midsize Produce Farms
Christy Anderson Brekken, Caleb Dickson, Hikaru Hanawa Peterson, Gail Feenstra, Marcia Ostrom, Keiko Tanaka, and Gwenaēl Engelskirchen

A Hard Nut to Crack: Identifying Factors Relevant to Chestnut Consumption
Ming Fang, Erin Lizotte, and Trey Malone

Consumer Demand for Organic Food Groups and Implications for Farmers’ Revenues under the Organic Land Subsidy Scheme: The Case of Denmark
Gülcan Önel, Ayuba Seidu, and James L. Seale, Jr.

Factors Influencing Consumers Familiarity with State Branded Programs: A Case Study for South Carolina
Bailee N. Hawkins, Michael Vassalos, and Marzieh Motallebi

Volume 50 Issue 1
March 2019
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Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

Forecasting Meat Prices Using Consumer Expectations from the Food Demand Survey (FooDS)
Aaron M. Ates, Jayson L. Lusk, and B. Wade Brorsen

“There’s No Place Like Home”: Inquiry into Preferences for Local Foods
Courtney Bir, John Lai, Nicole Olynk Widmar, Nathanael Thompson, Jodee Ellett, and Caroline Crosslin

Eliciting Consumer Preference and Willingness to Pay for Mushrooms: A Latent Class Approach
Anwesha Chakrabarti, Benjamin L. Campbell, and Vanessa Shonkwiler

Produce Buyer Quality Requirements to Form an Eastern Broccoli Industry
Phillip Coles, Jiayi Dong, Miguel Gomez, and Thomas Bjorkman

Research Updates

Food Label Use and Knowledge of Nutritional Facts on Sugars among Undergraduate Students
Janet V. Gager and Patricia E. McLean- Meyinsse

Putting Food on the Blockchain: A Regulatory Overview
Kathleen Krzyzanowski

Looking at Economic and Non-Economic Drivers of Farm Diversification
Nicholas Lancaster and Ariana Torres

An Overview of Small-Scale Commercial Hops Production in Virginia
Ben Garber, Kimberly L. Morgan, Holly Scoggins, and Laura Seigle

The Modern Farmers’ Market: The Role of the “Anchor Vendor” in Technology Usage and Adoption
Theodore Ruffalo, Thomas Groleau, and Maria Salerno

Research Reports

The Intersection of Social and Economic Value Creation in Social Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Case Study of Food Hubs
Tatevik Avetisyan and R. Brent Ross

Untangling the Economic and Social Impediments to Producer Adoption of Organic Wheat
Kynda Curtis and Donya Quarnstrom

Factors Affecting the Propensity to Purchase Specialty Eggs in the United States
Maggie Branch and Senarath Dharmasena

Economic Productivity and Profitability Analysis for Whiteflies and Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV) Management Options
Esendugue Greg Fonsah, Chen Yu, Stan Diffie, Rajagopalbabu Srinivansan, and David Riley

Nevada Value Added Marketing Research and Education Program
Holly Gatzke

Are Concerns about Repaying Student Loan Debt Related to Health Status Rankings?
Patricia E. McLean-Meyinsse

Creating a Farmers Market Living Lab: Lessons Learned in Growing a Farmers’ Market
Nancy Staisey and Helaine Harris

Volume 48 Issue 3
November 2017

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Supply Chain Barriers to Healthy, Affordable Produce in Phoenix-Area Food Deserts
Gina Lacagnina, Renee Hughner, Cristina Barroso, Richard Hall, and Christopher Wharton

Impacts of Food Safety Recalls and Consumer Information on Restaurant Performance
J. Ross Pruitt and Rodney B. Holcomb

Consumer Willingness to Pay for Local Wines and Shopping Outlet Preferences
Connie Everett, Kim Jensen, David Hughes, and Chris Boyer

Understanding Spending Habits and Buying Behavior for the American Muslim Community: A Pilot Study
Oral Capps, Jr., Asma Ahad, and Peter S. Murano