Journal of Food Distribution Research

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Published by the Food Distribution Research Society, Inc since 1969.

Editors: Andrew Muhammad and Margarita Velandia, University of Tennessee, USA

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Volume 50 Issue 2
November 2019
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Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

Economic Impact of Values-Based Supply Chain Participation on Small and Midsize Produce Farms
Christy Anderson Brekken, Caleb Dickson, Hikaru Hanawa Peterson, Gail Feenstra, Marcia Ostrom, Keiko Tanaka, and Gwenaēl Engelskirchen

A Hard Nut to Crack: Identifying Factors Relevant to Chestnut Consumption
Ming Fang, Erin Lizotte, and Trey Malone

Consumer Demand for Organic Food Groups and Implications for Farmers’ Revenues under the Organic Land Subsidy Scheme: The Case of Denmark
Gülcan Önel, Ayuba Seidu, and James L. Seale, Jr.

Factors Influencing Consumers Familiarity with State Branded Programs: A Case Study for South Carolina
Bailee N. Hawkins, Michael Vassalos, and Marzieh Motallebi

Volume 50 Issue 1
March 2019
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Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

Forecasting Meat Prices Using Consumer Expectations from the Food Demand Survey (FooDS)
Aaron M. Ates, Jayson L. Lusk, and B. Wade Brorsen

“There’s No Place Like Home”: Inquiry into Preferences for Local Foods
Courtney Bir, John Lai, Nicole Olynk Widmar, Nathanael Thompson, Jodee Ellett, and Caroline Crosslin

Eliciting Consumer Preference and Willingness to Pay for Mushrooms: A Latent Class Approach
Anwesha Chakrabarti, Benjamin L. Campbell, and Vanessa Shonkwiler

Produce Buyer Quality Requirements to Form an Eastern Broccoli Industry
Phillip Coles, Jiayi Dong, Miguel Gomez, and Thomas Bjorkman

Research Updates

Food Label Use and Knowledge of Nutritional Facts on Sugars among Undergraduate Students
Janet V. Gager and Patricia E. McLean- Meyinsse

Putting Food on the Blockchain: A Regulatory Overview
Kathleen Krzyzanowski

Looking at Economic and Non-Economic Drivers of Farm Diversification
Nicholas Lancaster and Ariana Torres

An Overview of Small-Scale Commercial Hops Production in Virginia
Ben Garber, Kimberly L. Morgan, Holly Scoggins, and Laura Seigle

The Modern Farmers’ Market: The Role of the “Anchor Vendor” in Technology Usage and Adoption
Theodore Ruffalo, Thomas Groleau, and Maria Salerno

Research Reports

The Intersection of Social and Economic Value Creation in Social Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Case Study of Food Hubs
Tatevik Avetisyan and R. Brent Ross

Untangling the Economic and Social Impediments to Producer Adoption of Organic Wheat
Kynda Curtis and Donya Quarnstrom

Factors Affecting the Propensity to Purchase Specialty Eggs in the United States
Maggie Branch and Senarath Dharmasena

Economic Productivity and Profitability Analysis for Whiteflies and Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV) Management Options
Esendugue Greg Fonsah, Chen Yu, Stan Diffie, Rajagopalbabu Srinivansan, and David Riley

Nevada Value Added Marketing Research and Education Program
Holly Gatzke

Are Concerns about Repaying Student Loan Debt Related to Health Status Rankings?
Patricia E. McLean-Meyinsse

Creating a Farmers Market Living Lab: Lessons Learned in Growing a Farmers’ Market
Nancy Staisey and Helaine Harris

Volume 48 Issue 3
November 2017

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Supply Chain Barriers to Healthy, Affordable Produce in Phoenix-Area Food Deserts
Gina Lacagnina, Renee Hughner, Cristina Barroso, Richard Hall, and Christopher Wharton

Impacts of Food Safety Recalls and Consumer Information on Restaurant Performance
J. Ross Pruitt and Rodney B. Holcomb

Consumer Willingness to Pay for Local Wines and Shopping Outlet Preferences
Connie Everett, Kim Jensen, David Hughes, and Chris Boyer

Understanding Spending Habits and Buying Behavior for the American Muslim Community: A Pilot Study
Oral Capps, Jr., Asma Ahad, and Peter S. Murano