The Food Distribution Research Society, Inc. is a non-profit education organization that was officially incorporated under the laws of the state of Maryland, on February 20, 1970.


The overall goal of the Society is to facilitate leading-edge information in applied research, implementation of results, and education in the food distribution field. Major foci are retail and wholesale distribution and the flow of products and services through these firms and institutions. Related areas of interest are patterns of consumption, impacts of technology on processing and manufacturing, packaging and transport, data and information systems in the food and agricultural industry, market development, and international trade in food products and agricultural commodities.

Specifically, the Society seeks to:

  1. Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and information and to act as a clearing house for food distribution research and education;
  2. Encourage applied research, assist with problem definition, provide coordination, foster implementation of results, and assure feedback between researchers and users of results;
  3. Assist with food industry education and training, as well as implementation of new ideas and concepts; and
  4. Provide for professional development, advancement and recognition in the food distribution field.


The FDRS Handbook outlines the organizations’ by-laws, which were last amended June 8, 2023.

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